Why Is Proper Hosting Important?

While this is one of the least spectacular parts of webshops, without proper operation, even the most beautifully executed, professionally written webshop will be slow, less secure, and unreliable .

This results in poorer rankings in search results, lower conversions, and fewer returning customers . The operating costs saved in the short term will cost much more in the long run due to lost revenue, brand spoilage, and recurring repair costs.

While a simple Wordpres website / Woocommerce webshop usually “stumbles” on a simpler, shared hosting, a Magento 2 webshop requires a lot of expertise to run smoothly .

That is why we operate our clients’ webshops with our strategic partner with several years of experience. Our partner’s expertise and close cooperation minimize the possibility of errors and provide an extremely fast response time should any problems arise.


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