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we are a team of dedicated professionals specializing in Ecommerce projects, so we can provide a full spectrum of services to our clients in this area. We focus on consulting, audits, webshop development and support, but we have also developed our own loyalty system. We mostly deal with projects based on Magento, Woocommerce and Shopify. From small projects to large or even thousands of work hour projects, we are available to help you.

Currently the team has 11 people and the following competencies are present:

Business analyst

Product Owner

Software Architect

Frontend Developer

Backend Developer

UX/UI Designer

SEO expert

PPC specialist


We will find the Best Solution for You

We don’t believe blindly in a single system. In the context of our previous work, we are fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each web store system. Before you get started, let’s talk about your needs, prospects, and what webshop engine you want to use to build your web store. We do not force you to use the complex Magento system if we find that it is not your solution, and you can meet your business needs better with a Woocommerce or Shopify webshop engine. We do not develop custom software when there is a more optimal and proven solution. In this case, we will help you select modules and plugins to install and customize. But the reverse is also true:If you already need to implement a SAP or another ERP system as a result of your market success, we can also integrate it into your web store.

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We are a group of experienced and dedicated Jedi

Everyone in our team is senior in their field, so there are no unnecessary rounds of development. Through our experienced developers, we release only high quality, thoroughly tested software. Anyone who has worked with juniors knows exactly what I’m talking about, try it out, and we will wait you with open arms. However, do NOT believe me, and see for yourself: contact us, set up a meeting, and decide if you want to work with us.Since the first consultation is free, there’s nothing for you to lose.


If you have a problem and you are a client, we will start to deal with the problem within 24 hours through a support contract.Based on our experience, we will respond within 10 minutes and start working on the solution immediately.

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As we begin to work together, you will have access to the project board where you can keep track of what tasks are happening, where they are going, and you will be instantly informed when we are waiting for your decision. You can also assign tasks, prioritize, set deadlines for us in this interface – after a consultation with the project manager of course.


People who know how to make a webshop know that this is a pretty complex task, especially if you have to work with other teams or have no in-house e-commerce manager. Most projects tend to slip, not necessarily because of the development team’s fault, but unfortunately in this business line this is a global problem. To avoid this, you also need to be prepared “in-house” for this task. We can help prepare your company for what will be waiting for you in this joint venture , not by covering up potencial obstacles, but by telling you about them in the beginning. Deadlines will be imposed on all greenfield projects.

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This is a price-sensitive market, and for most people this is the only criteria in choosing a development team. Our prices on the market are halfway between the freelance developer and the largest development companies. BUT, it is important to emphasize that we are the right choice for you when a freelancer is not enough anymore for you and your businessbut you do not want to work with an expensive development company or they seem too slow due to their development methodology.

We will help You along the way

You can count on us to help you develop your webshop. We will teach you how to use the administration interface, provide you with support, and will be happy to maintain your site if you need it. And, of course, we will never stop improving your site to meet your new needs, because in the end we are the best at software development.

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We have no illusions, there is no perfect development team, as this is completely subjective. We are really appreciated by clients who had at least one bad experience with a team, and had to kill a project. More experienced e-marketers know what they want and how to level up their online sales. They know the benefits of having a dedicated team working on their webshop instead of a freelancer. We have many projects where everyone in the team works together, designer, Project manager / PO, frontend developer, backend developer, SEO specialist, PPC specialist and of course the client.


We’re not just developing your webshop! We help you build your entire online brand on demand. We have excellent relationships with the best SEO, Web Ergonomics, Accessibility, PPC specialists in the country. Not only are we building the ecommerce platform that best suits you, but we can support your needs as your business grows.

If you were sympathetic to our brief though honest introduction, please write or call us and we can set up a meeting.

Hegyi Károly
Founder – Owner
Hegyi Károly


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